Thermalright Metal Bright – Heatsink Cleaner

Thermalright metal bright3 Thermalright metal bright Thermalright metal bright2
(heatsink cleaner)
buat bersihin heatsink dengan bahan metal gan yang sudah kusam dan sedikit berkarat, tinggal oles ini karatnya hilang dan kinclong seperti baru
Harga: Rp. 110.000,-

Special features:
Clean Oxidized areas on metallic or plating items, and restore its shine.
Non Volatile. Not harmful metal/plated surfaces.
Protection layer formed after applied on metal/plated surfaces. Reduce the chance of oxidation occurrence.
May be used on copper/aluminum coolers, cases, items, and tidy up the oxidized fingerprints.
Easy to use. No special tools needed.
Non-Toxic, does not harm your skin and hands.

Hp/WA: 0817292129
BB: 23130092
Line: Dennisx
DEXT Technologies : Online Technology Webstore
Reseller & Dealer welcome


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