Enermax ETS-N30-HE With 9CM Fan

Ready Heatsink Murah Performa Mantap Abiss:
Enermax ETS-N30-HE With 9CM Fan
Harga: Rp 330.000,-
(PM Us For Best Price)

2015-08-28 11.15.02

Patented SEF (Stack Effect) design to enhance heat transfer.
Unique air path creating high VEF (Vacuum Effect) to optimize the airflow.
HDT (Heat-pipe direct touch) technology to ensure rapid thermal conduction and eliminate CPU hot spots.
Compact heatsink size for the utmost compatibility.
“1-clip” fan bracket design for user-friendly installation.
Patented circular type LED with 9 diodes and up to three times brighter than other LED fans. (ETS-N30-TAA only)
High thermal conductivity grease to ensure the best thermal conduction between CPU and the heatsink.
Twister Bearing technology for longer lifetime and low noise. (ETS-N30-TAA only)
Anti-vibration rubbers prevent fan vibration and absorb noise.
Durable metal bracket for Intel® 775/1150/1155/1156/1366 & AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+.

Material : Copper Heat Pipes/Aluminum Fins
Thermal Grease : Dow Corning® TC-5121
Fan Dimension : 92 x 92 x 25 mm
Fan Speed : 800 ~2800 r.p.m.
Air Flow : 15.9~55.4 CFM±10%
DEXT Technologies – http://www.dextmall.com
Hp: 0817292129
BBM: 23130092 / 2967894C
Line: Dennisx / dextech2


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