Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Mouse Mat

Ready Stock!!! Gaming Mouse Mat:
Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Mouse Mat
Harga: Rp 350.000,-
(PM Us For Best Price)

mionix_propus_380_pr_n.1.1 png PROPUS_320_pic1__90484.1380196858.1280.1280 PROPUS_320_pic2__54707.1380196858.1280.1280 PROPUS_320_pic3__92910.1380196858.1280.1280

Mionix Propus 380 Gaming Surface.
Mionix Propus 380 is the physical answer to performance, design and innovation. The new developed surface is treated with a special silver-metallic plastic coating. According to test results, this special coating offers optimal tracking conditions and improves the overall performance of the mouse movements. A thin base made of PVC-plastic has been implemented to give the stability from a hard mousepad without compromising the flexibility from a soft mousepad. The backside is made of natural rubber to ensure a steady grip.

Product Features:
Optimal tracking
Unique silver-metallic plastic coating ensures optimal tracking

Unique surface
Fine textured surface for a smoother glide and precise movements

Extra wide tracking area
For sweeping movements without interruption

Hard & flexible
Unique material combination for durability and feel

Material: PVC-plastic base
S.Q.A.T value
Surface: Ultra-fine texture
Dimensions: 380mm x 260mm
Thickness: 4mm
Back: Rubber based backside for a steady grip
Compatibility: LED-optical & laser

Dimensions & Weight:
380×260×2 mm
Netto : 170 gr

Package Contents:
Mionix PROPUS 380

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