Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mouse Mat

Ready Stock!!! Gaming Mouse Mat:
Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mouse Mat
Harga: Rp 180.000,-
(PM Us For Best Price)

1337_gaming_mat_package 1337_Gaming_Mouse_Mat_01 1337_Gaming_Mouse_Mat_02

The Sharkoon 1337 Gaming Mat is the next generation of precision gaming surface created for true pro-gamers.

This precision mouse mat is specifically designed to meet the demands of professional gamers. The 1337 Gaming Mat is constructed of tough, durable rubber with a robust textile surface that guarantees minimal start and drag resistance, so that the mouse operates quickly, quietly, and, above all, accurately – the absolutely essential requirements of every gamer. The underside of the mat is made of natural rubber and serves as an adhesive surface, preventing unintentional slips.
An additional advantage of this soft, flexible material is that the mouse mat can be easily rolled up or folded for transport so that it fits into any backpack compartment or pants pocket – and can also survive being wadded up or crushed into a ball during the kind of rage that can result from a particularly bad move or being taken down by enemy fire.
The mouse mat has a 355 x 255 mm surface, more than enough room for maneuverability during play, and it’s easy on the wrist with a minimal height of only 1.4 mm.

Additionally the 1337 Gaming Mat is available as XL version.

Surface: Textile
Nonslip Rubber Base: Yes
Weight: 90 g
Dimensions (L x W x H): 355 x 255 x 1.4 mm

Package Contents:
1337 Gaming Mat

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Line: dextech2
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